Lay upon the Shag

The scarlet carpet
felt like a lush jungle
She could get lost in.
Her fingers plaited deep into
its twisted wild strands.
She was anchored,
defiant to the intoxication.

She was losing parts of herself,
as they chipped off
into the greedy threads.
entangled deeply
in the blood red rug.


After Midnight, Yet the Sun Shines Strong

When you feel like you have been breathing so shallow you could pass for a corpse.
When a torture chamber occupied your head.
When you had given up hope of feeling the warmth you see glowing in their eyes.

If the sun roared into being at midnight, who are you to complain of inconvenience?

Dance, sing and soak up all you can. Feel its energy charging through your veins.

Don’t question. Don’t dare expect more than this moment.

My God, this feeling makes you believe again. Beautiful lies, stories of hope and intoxicating dreams.

Let this be an eternal midnight summer.

Web of Despair

Her eyes snapped open.

Her body was damp with perspiration. She felt drugged and heavy, each limb saturated with thick sorrow. But her eyes were panicked, darting this way and that, looking for a way out. Carcasses of past loves, hopes and regrets surrounded her. The sense of loss was so intense the air seemed to quiver and vibrate with it.

The thoughts and visions attached themselves to her very spirit with strong, sticky threads of control. Their oppressive poison seeped through her veins, causing a surge of unbearable pain. She wanted to scream, to release it in a heartbreaking cry, but the thick sticky threads were coiling around her throat, suffocating her. The outside world became muffled and she began to give in to her drugged state.

As a final stab of despair pierced her tired heart she made one last attempt to cry for help. She screamed with her soul, begged with her bones and told through her tears her desperation for freedom. Although no sound emitted from her broken body, someone felt it.

As a shaft of light broke through her dark prison she felt the poison being sucked from her veins and life being breathed into her once again. The threads turned brittle and shattered as she pushed her way out, into the light.