This Candied Cigarette

I clasp scalding amber tea
in a soggy takeaway cup
This candid conversation
holding me captive
His observations
made bold and rancid

Breathing candyfloss smoke
beneath a gobstopper domed sky
Yellow gumballs of light
spill across the lawn

A car’s smiling headlights,
windscreen wipers bent
in worship to me
Passing people in miniature
like statues on a cake
Strobe light leaves
catch my restless eyes
Parakeet fluorescent flashes
a harsh, repetitive trance

Spun sugar threads turn
to sticky cobweb tendrils, catching
tiny vessels in my lungs
A tree trunk stripped
to it’s rotting core, scarlet
sap oozing through opened scars
My attempts to capture the rainbow, futile
clinging as color spins and dissolves

It’s just a grayscale static image
Cold dregs are all that remain


Joy, I gently dare you..

A random seed
of joy
fell into my chest
As its roots took
hold I took
shallow breaths
Fearful of disturbing
the new hope
held inside
I watered it
with anxious tears
it grew as I cried
The bud of hope
began to swell
bringing colour
to my cheeks
The flower opened
joy spilled out
now I could
share the seed

I want it all. I want it now.

Like rushing towards the peak of an orgasm but you need one more stroke. Denied, denied.

Like you have already been shot up with all the speed in the world but it’s a ticking time bomb you have to continuously top up.

What can you take, what can you smoke, what can you devour, what can you fuck.

What do you care? About the stares. The stairs to the heavens.


After Midnight, Yet the Sun Shines Strong

When you feel like you have been breathing so shallow you could pass for a corpse.
When a torture chamber occupied your head.
When you had given up hope of feeling the warmth you see glowing in their eyes.

If the sun roared into being at midnight, who are you to complain of inconvenience?

Dance, sing and soak up all you can. Feel its energy charging through your veins.

Don’t question. Don’t dare expect more than this moment.

My God, this feeling makes you believe again. Beautiful lies, stories of hope and intoxicating dreams.

Let this be an eternal midnight summer.