Awake to a Nightmare

Cold dark pain.

Aging, I am weak and alone.

Hopelessness holds hands with helplessness.

I lay and wait for peace.

This is how I fight.

And everybody scorns it.


Repel the Rooster

I seek out space
for my expanding skull.
Give me rest
for this body heavy
poisoned like lead.

Cock your head
as I stretch
this broken wing.

Cover your ears
as I strangled sing
a song of sorrow.
A pathetic mating
call you will never hear.

Your pity stains
my sleeves like
spilt tea, a waste
upon a wasteland.

My touch like death
you drop my hand
in sweet abandon.

In my screaming hair

Like bats tangled
in my screaming hair
Wait for the knots
to become a nest
They took up residence
in my head

The harsh rush of air
from leathery boned wings
in my ears
They drink greedily
from my streaming eyes

Feed on the blood
from my bitten lips
and tattered fingernails
as I try to tear them
from my hair

My hands grasp air.

Web of Despair

Her eyes snapped open.

Her body was damp with perspiration. She felt drugged and heavy, each limb saturated with thick sorrow. But her eyes were panicked, darting this way and that, looking for a way out. Carcasses of past loves, hopes and regrets surrounded her. The sense of loss was so intense the air seemed to quiver and vibrate with it.

The thoughts and visions attached themselves to her very spirit with strong, sticky threads of control. Their oppressive poison seeped through her veins, causing a surge of unbearable pain. She wanted to scream, to release it in a heartbreaking cry, but the thick sticky threads were coiling around her throat, suffocating her. The outside world became muffled and she began to give in to her drugged state.

As a final stab of despair pierced her tired heart she made one last attempt to cry for help. She screamed with her soul, begged with her bones and told through her tears her desperation for freedom. Although no sound emitted from her broken body, someone felt it.

As a shaft of light broke through her dark prison she felt the poison being sucked from her veins and life being breathed into her once again. The threads turned brittle and shattered as she pushed her way out, into the light.